Monday, September 3, 2012

Color Bombs...

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It's Color time!!!  How fun would it be to get something like this with a color theme to celebrate the wonderful person you are?!!!  We are going to be bombing 8 ladies with a color bomb so put on your creative, funky thinking caps for fun color items to add to these bombs.  I will be collecting donations for the next 3 weeks, ending Sept. 21.  Here is a brief description of our wonderful ladies...

Red "Husker"  - Active in EVERYTHING - always has a smile and willing to lend an ear or contribute. 

Pink "Rocky" Has battled cancer and won, all the while maintaining an upbeat attitude and presence.  An inspiration for all of us.

Pink "Miss Nightingale" A beautiful example of someone who faced unbelievable challenges and abuses as a child, but didn't use that as an excuse to become a bad adult.  Instead, she is the best friend and nurse anyone could ever ask for.  Loyalty and caring are two of her strongest characteristics. 

Green "Adventurer"  Willing to try new things with a free spirit, sweet as can be, a wonderful friend to all.  About to become a young mama and ready to step into that role with the same enthusiasm and gusto that she does everything else.  The person you want on your team.

Purple "Tiger"  No matter how chaotic or what the situation, this lady has time for everyone and also with a smile. Maintains organization and calm in the midst of a tornado. Is also on top of everything.

Yellow "Sunshine" Another person you want on your team. She is a strong advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. A very loving, sweet soul who makes you feel that you are the only one around when she's talking to you.

Orange "Momma"  We all know that person who makes us feel at home and welcome, even if we've just met?  "Momma" is that person and accepts people for who they are, not who she thinks they should be.  Loving acceptance is what we all strive to find - she gives it!! 

Blue "Miss Heart"  Extremely sensitive, in a positive way.  Knows when someone needs something and is always striving for peace and happiness among everyone.  Maybe she should run for office as she would run on the campaign "let's all sit down and be friends".  A kinder soul was never met. 

Wow - your nominations are wonderful.  Each is so deserving and it's obvious the world is a better place because of them.  Thanks for nominating them and for your donations.  Feel free to contribute to one or all:)  If you don't live in the area, you can always mail a contribution to Sister Hugs to be included. 

**** We also have one regular LOVE BOMB that we are also collecting.  She is a retired teacher , with visions of traveling and hobbies dancing in her head.  Unfortunately, fate had other plans and her health went downhill.  She is now receiving kidney dialysis and is weak.  She worries about her mother, who is miles away, while her mother worries about her.  Her husband is working in NE while she lives in another state so they only see each other on weekends.  A love bomb would brighten her day.  Prayers for Eliza.

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