Sunday, October 21, 2012

...Just 1 more....:)

Sister Hugs Love Bomb #11 - "Franny" - has been on chemo for about 6 years now and had a stroke 2 years ago.  She is 42 and in a wheelchair but stays active in 4-H with her girls, is an Awans's leader at her church, and attends as many things as she is able.  She is an inspiration to all who know her. 

I would like to add "Franny" to our list of amazing women who all inspire me in their own way.  We will be working on all 11 of these and mailing them out as they are ready. 

Just a reminder for some of our newbies - I almost always use made up names to protect the privacy of our ladies.  I do not reveal who nominated these amazing women, although sometimes they figure it out when they receive their love bomb!  Gifts from you are collected and combined to show these magnificent ladies just how special they are and that they have their own little army of sisters out there whom they may not know, but who are thinking of them and sending prayers and positive thoughts their way.  These gifts can range from the practical to the splurge - things that would be helpful or ease some stress; something that would make them smile.  I picked up some starbucks tonight because, while I don't do coffee, I know many of you find it a treat or a necessity.  I will be looking for just the right basket to add it to. 

Another thought - the baking bombs have far exceeded my hopes and dreams - thank you for sharing pictures and stories.  I know the recipients had to love receiving them and it was such fun delivering.  One added perk was an excuse to socialize with some people we may not take the time to see. You are all such wonderful, wonderful ladies and I am truly blessed to be on this amazing journey with you.  So many of you commented on how much you love Sister Hugs - I love your active participation and enthusiasm.  No longer is it my dream but it is our mission- thanks for jumping on board.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Love Bomb #10

Sister #10 - "Elise"'s husband was near death in the hospital with West Nile. He has since been moved to Madonna in Lincoln. They live out by Kearney.  They have 5 children and live in the country so she is left to deal with getting to work, caring for the kids, and getting to Lincoln to see her husband.  Bills are a worry and while her husbands health is still a struggle, he is improving.

Wow, this reminds me so much of our dear Mary Elizabeth.  Her husband continues to make improvements, too and is starting to communicate with her a little.  Keep the prayers strong - doctors are fabulous but without faith, miracles are hard to come by.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cute hedgehog pictures.Do they even know how adorable they are?  Do you even know how adorable and wonderful you are?

Sister #7 - "Kallie" - wife/Mom of 2 little girls, her mother is currently living in the home with them, dealing with a few personal things and feeling a bit of stress.  Could use a little love and appreciation from all of us!

Sister #8 - "Anna" - Mom/wife/teacher had her world come to a halt last March when her 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.  Her beautiful daughter died 6 days later, just shy of her 10th birthday.  On the day of her daughter's diagnosis, "Anna" and her husband found out they were expecting their 4th child.  This baby, a girl, is due in November.  They also have two boys.  Every day is a struggle and the conflicting emotions of mourning one daughter while welcoming a new one is almost too much to bear. 

Sister #9 - "Jessica" - was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and faces a really tough battle ahead.  Smiles are hard to come by these days and if we could even brighten one of those rough days, it would be a start. 
Beautiful and encouraging :)(I know I've used this quote before, but I love it!)

Sister #5-"Regina" - recently diagnosed with Leukemia and is currently undergoing alternative medicine to fight it.  She is a mother/grandmother and recently started a new job.  She is doing pretty well but is very tired.  Her family is great but she would value additional prayers and love.

Sister #6 - "Rita" - The lady who is there for everybody else, although she has her own issues, and is one who can always be counted on through thick and thin.  Whether it is a sick grandchild, a young adult needing a roof, or a husband going through surgery, Rita is there to offer a shoulder and an ear (or a roof) and help pull everyone together with a laugh.  She puts others' needs above her own and we would like to take this opportunity to put HER first, for once! 

So many thoughts running through my head as I write these descriptions.  First of all, how fortunate I am to have my health and family/friends and happiness, at least for today as we never know what tomorrow brings.  Every day truly is a blessing to be appreciated and enjoyed.  Second, how appreciative I am of you for sharing these magnificently strong women with us.  It is not easy to go through their situations and it takes a strong character to endure.  Because it is so hard to be strong all of the time, we want to be part of their support and to let them know they are not alone.  Finally, a thankfulness to all of you who are feeling it in your hearts to join with me on this mission.  I feel it has been placed on my heart, and I can tell that many of you feel the gift on your hearts, too.  I truly look forward to seeing where this path is leading us.

More dear sisters to share later as we get to 7,8, and 9.
Image detail for -Quotes about Helping Others - Quotes about Doing Good DeedsInformation on two more of our Love Bomb nominations...

Sister #3 - "Maria" - wife of a farmer - last year they were forced out of their home due to flooding.  After spending the summer with her family and finally being able to move back in and clean up, they dealt with the drought of this summer.  Through it all, she works two jobs and keeps a wonderful attitude of "it could always be worse".  A little pampering sent her way would be a beautiful indulgence that she doesn't often enjoy. 

Sister #4 - "Catherine" - After much hard work and sacrifice, finally landed her dream job, one in which she excelled, only to lose this job due to budget cuts.  A year later she was offered another job at the same location, which she happily accepted.  However, it is not utilizing her talents to the fullest or allowing her to shine as she did before.  She never complains but a little encouragement and appreciation for her would be appreciated. Hopefully her patience and persistance will pay off in the future and let her return to an area where she is intended to be.   

Give a little loveThis has been so true with Sister Hugs for me.  The more love and compassion and prayer and items that I give, the more I feel my heart filling, ALMOST to a guilty point, but not quite!  I am filled with so much admiration for the women I am having the honor of meeting, both as nominees and as nominators and as supporters.  I just can't get enough of all of you!!!  The items that you donate are important, because they are the physical hug presented to our recipient.  However, it is the love that goes with the gift that truly showers our recipients and helps them through their trials and moments.  I am going to try to balance your need to get to know our recipients a little with their need to remain anonymous.  Remember, they don't know their story is being shared.  While they may be ok with it, I don't want to release more than we have the right to know.  Someone has given me this information and trusted us with our usage of it.  Our usage is to throw some love and hugs in the direction of a sister, to brighten her day and let her know that always she is in our hearts and on our minds; she is never alone.  

Sister #1 - "Monica"  - devoted grandmother of a 5th grader.  She and her husband moved to Nebraska from Louisiana about 4 years ago following the death of her son in Afghanistan.  "Monica" has been the guiding light in her grandson's life - helping him with the grief of losing his dad, life in Nebraska, and academic and social challenges.  Last year she underwent cancer treatment and recently another tumor was found which will require surgery and additional follow up treatment.  She will feel uplifted if she knows she has some "sisters" praying for her and keeping her in our thoughts.  There is no mother in this picture so "Monica" and her husband are the world for this boy. 

Sister #2 - Marcie -  26 year old diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Admitted to a hospital in MN in January, 2012.  She had a stem cell transplant June 2.  Marcie is currently struggling with a bacterial infection and will learn the next step in treating her cancer once the infection clears.  She is a small town cowgirl with a lot of fight in her:)  She is not allowed to eat anything with sugar or wheat, which means no food in her love bomb.  Chapstick, scent free lotion, etc would be ideas that she could use.  Notes of encouragement would be appreciated.  She does get visitors but knowing her support goes beyond immediate friends and family would be very encouraging.  She has a caring bridge page which I will find out if I can share with you.  I am using Marcie's real name.

Stay tuned for Sisters #3 - #9 as this day progresses...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thankful....We have so much to be thankful for - included at the top of the list is YOU!!  All of you bring such happiness to my day - and remind me of my many blessings.  I have health, family, friends, food, joy, employment, and purpose.  I have my faith, which enables me to get through the trials and value my gifts. I have Sister Hugs, which has provided me a great joy of giving.  The more we give, the more I want to continue giving more and more.  It is a beautiful cycle that I hope you are all able to experience too, through Sister Hugs.  Since November is the month that we concentrate on giving thanks, I want to continue with our normal Love Bombs.  I have had a number of requests already -
*for a mom who lost her little girl and is expecting a new baby - bittersweet blessings...
*for a friend who is really missing her old job - a job she excelled at - she is great at her new job but it's not her passion and meeting her talents to the fullest.
*for a friend who recently found out she has cancer and the outlook is pretty scary.
*for a friend who has health issues to deal with concerning family and herself, yet she is always the first to be on hand for anyone needing ANYTHING.  Deals with a lot of stress yet is always the strong one.
*for a friend whose family was displaced with last year's flooding, then this year's drought.  She works two jobs to help make ends meet yet always faces each day head on, ready to go.

These and any more that we can meet will be our November Love Bombs - for December, I would love to reach out to women who may not have much and try to do a little bigger bombing - for example:

*I am waiting to hear back about a Grandma who has taken in her grandchildren.  It hasn't been easy but they are doing their best.
*for a friend whose husband is hospitalized with probable West Nile - they have 4 young children and she's not sure how she's going to have ends meet.

I am open to any other nominations for a regular November Love Bomb or a needs based December love bomb.  Let me know if you know of someone who could use a special Sister Hugs Love Bomb!!  (BTW, these friends aren't people that I know, they have all been nominated by sisters and are their friends, or friend of a friend)  If any touch your heart in particular, and you'd like to donate specifically to one of them, let me know with your donation that intention. 

I know that I get a little strapped for $$ in December with my own Christmas shopping.  For that reason, I am putting out this plea early in the hopes that we can still generously help some sisters without straining ourselves.


Friday, October 5, 2012


We did a fast Love Bomb this week - how joyous to be able to get a request and fill it almost immediately.  Thank you for stocking our supply so generously.  Sometimes the need is one that we can work on for a few weeks and sometimes the need is immediate and a hug needed NOW.  In this case, I asked sisters who knew her to also send notes - I can only imagine how much they will mean to her.  Whether we have our regular Love Bombs or baking bombs or color bombs or shining light bombs(yep, that's a new one!), a note is going to be the special touch that grabs the heart and makes the bomb personal and meaningful.  I include a note with every bomb that goes out - would love to have your notes too.  Today we had about 10 notes included in the bomb - what a gift!

Baking bombs are going out in 2 weeks.  Look at the list I received via email yesterday - these two are going to be making a huge difference in the hearts of many women in a couple of weeks -

ok, I can't actually share the list with you right now because some of you might be on this list:)  However, it ended with the fact that they have ELEVEN people on their list and expect to make it 12 - wonderfully crazy!!!