Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here is a picture of the items going into the Love Bomb for Mary Elizabeth.  She touched a lot of hearts and the donations were very kind for her - thank you.  If you do not see your donation in the above picture, it means I am saving it for a future Love Bomb.  Included above are:
*thirtyone bag
*sister hug doily and vintage hanky with poem
*chocolate bomb
*platter with sayings and chocolate chip cookies
*puzzle book
*candle tahitian tiare flower
*drinking mug "For I know the plans I have for you"
*Prayer Plaque - "When life gets too hard to stand...Kneel"
*Picture frame.."Nothing is quite as strong as the gentle strength of a Father's hand"
*Angel ornament - "Do one thing everyday that makes you happy"
*polish and accessories
*3-in-1 aromatherapy relaxation set
*scented sachet
*target gift card
*granite city GC

Again, thank you for showing a hurting, caring sister that we care and she's not alone.

An update - her husband was moved to Madonna but is currently not showing major signs of improvement so may be moved out soon.  Prayers for strength as Mary Elizabeth faces many decisions and difficult days ahead. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Update...all of our Love Bombs that have been mailed should have been received by now.  Still working on one for Mary Elizabeth.  We have received a number of items but can always use more.  Received a new nomination last night that we will begin working on soon.  Remember you can submit nominations at anytime.  I also have chocolate minibombs on hand that can be delivered if you know someone who just needs a pick-me-up after one of "those" days.  Nominations always accepted via text or FB message - or word of mouth.

I went out on a limb last night and shared Sister Hugs with all staff - it almost seemed harder than appearing on TV, not sure why?  I so cherish all of you sisters who are there and lend your support and love to all of these women.  Guess I want the whole world to feel about it as I do and to get involved.  It's amazing to me, though, that so many of you are willing and eager to share so much with women you don't even know, not expecting anything in return, just for the goodness of your heart.  I get so much from that aspect that I almost (almost) feel guilty for the joy I receive from doing this - I guess I feel that if more people experienced this joy, we could share more with sisters in need of a hug, because they would want to do it again and again.  I honestly can't wait to share it with the group of women at the end of September that have invited me to speak.  Basically, I guess you could say I really love Sister Hugs and all of you and the work that is being done. 

  Remember that a Love Bomb can be many things - mostly it is to show sisters that they are not alone, whether it be in a struggle, in a fight, in a mission.  We, although strangers, are there in spirit and heart, through a hug called a LOVE BOMB.  Please keep sharing.  It's a wonderful thing that we are doing and I know more people would love to join us if they knew about it.  So much of this goes on at Christmas - part of the reason I wanted Sister Hugs is that there are people needing hugs year-round, not just at Christmas.  It will be great to go into the Christmas season already rolling and moving through it instead of it being a one time mission.  You are all so amazing - thanks for caring.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinned Imageok, this is not at all where I thought this blog was going tonight, but I figure if it can make me Laugh outloud after the week I've had, it's a good direction to take.  :)  It does remind me that WAY too often, our moods are dictated by other people and their perception of us, and it can completely make or break a day.  However, what we do is a kindness that can also completely MAKE a day.  Reading about the difference one of our Love Bombs made on a life completely made my day; motivated me to get back on track with our mission because it is a very worthy mission!  As I've said from day one, I can't build a house, I can't cure sickness, I can't load up a bank account...BUT what we can do is provide the hug that makes the heart feel a little better.  It might just be the encouragement that someone needs to give it another go.  We all know it's not the physical items in the love bomb, but rather the act and idea of the love bomb.  By donating toward the love bomb, you are spreading your love all around.  I am so proud of Sister Hugs and all of the sisters involved.  We will continue to share the word of it and to grow, touching more and more lives.  Remember we are currently working on a Love Bomb for Mary Elizabeth.  Her husband did get moved to Madonna today.  He is not out of the coma but is showing small signs of trying to communicate.  I just know he is trying to break through his obstacles to come back to his wife and family.  She continues to be a pillar of strength and positiveness - please join me in Love Bombing her with one big Hug!  Donations will be accepted through August. Remember, letters are also greatly appreciated to let her know she's being bombed with love from all over.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As noted in my FB status last night, I planned to write about why Sister Hugs was placed in my heart.  When I woke up this morning, that is exactly what was on my mind and I grabbed my IPad, intent on writing.  However, my IPad did not have access to blog (don't ask me why!) so I decided to check email instead.  Do you remember my "notes from the Universe" that I like to see as notes from God?  Not really superstitious and all that, just feel like I should read and think and maybe listen.  Anyway, here is my note from the Universe for today:

You'll know when you need to know, Peggy, and not a moment earlier.

That's how it works when the answer you're looking for depends on other events that must first settle, new players that need to be gathered, and serendipities that are still being calculated.

Peggy, sometimes, not even I know, until I know.

But you will,
The Universe

How crazy is that????  So, for now, instead of writing all my wisdom and reflection as to why I am doing what I am doing, I am going to trust that it's because that's what I am suppose to be doing and am relying on each of you to do what you are suppose to be doing and together we are going to make this beautiful world an even better place to be.  I do know that the rewards from getting involved have FAR outweighed what I have put into it.  I have received messages from Sisters who contribute who have had their lives touched in a special way and I have heard that our recipient was truly touched so I know it is the right path.  The only way to have YOUR heart touched is to actively join this mission with me, in whatever way is right for you.  Yesterday the camera guy told me that we would grow so much that we would need charters across the states - that is a dream of mine!  Whether you live in my own little community or over in Florida, Minnesota, Hawaii, Texas, or Tennessee, etc.know that you are such an important part of this mission and God has plans for all of us.  Timing-wise, I'd like to think we are trying to balance some of the dark in this world by adding a bit of brightness.  If you're new and wondering what it is that we do, a quick timeline refresher -

*A sister nominates a friend, relative, neighbor, coworker, etc for a love bomb.  Send this nomination to me via email or FB message or text.  This will remain anonymous.  Tell me who the person is and why they need or deserve a Love Bomb.

* Love Bomb recipient(s) are chosen and nominator will be notified, as will all of the Sisters.  Nominator is the only person who will know the true identity, though.

*  We start collecting items for this person's Love Bomb - usually about 2 weeks unless there is a rush need for some reason.  (this is the stage we are currently in, although you can submit nominations at any time)  These items can be actual items or monetary donations to me to purchase things, gift cards, or notes and letters of encouragement and well wishes. 

*LOVE BOMB is sent off to recipients - we may or may not ever hear how it was received, but I guarantee you a day was brightened!

Any thoughts or questions?  We have been called little angels on earth - pretty sure I personally don't qualify as an angel but I do know that our actions qualify as doing something good for someone.  As always, thanks for being on this journey with me - someday we'll have to figure out how to celebrate together!!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Love Bomb

TV Promo
This is the Love Bomb that I put together for the
TV program tomorrow morning.  Needing your good vibes to accurately represent what it is that we are doing and why we are doing it.  It is in my heart, just hope it is on my lips tomorrow!!  Our dear poet, Mary, has created another poem to go with our chocolate gift.  I will share that later but thanks for always having Sister Hugs on your brain.  After seeing this love bomb, my husband thought he would like to receive one!  Too bad he's a guy.  Even though we have not sent off these love bombs yet, always be on the look out for our next recipient.  I am in the process of organizing a small panel to help with the recipient choosing. Stay tuned!!  Thanks for continuing to share Sister Hugs with your friends and family.  I am thrilled that it has spread beyond my immediate group of people!  Love to see us grow! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Smiling over you...

Thanks for making my day, each and every day.  You are a very special group of ladies and I am glad you are in my life.  Thanks for reminding me that there is a lot of love and compassion in our beautiful world.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I borrowed this from Lisa - thanks!  So true how all of our small things, together, add up to a very big difference!!  Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sisters!