Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sister Hugs purpose

Dear Sisters,
Yesterday I was approached about attending a church luncheon to share the word about Sister Hugs.  This is an exciting opportunity for us and for the members of the churches.  We also have our radio and TV "gigs" coming up soon.  While initially this was my vision, it is quickly growing and I want to make sure it continues as "our" vision.  My goal is to spread a little cheer, appreciation, thought, care and concern for a variety of sisters needing a hug.  Now I don't know about you, but I appreciate a hug when I am down but also when I am excited or happy.  I need a hug when I am overwhelmed, when I feel alone or when I'm bursting with great news.  I want us to be there for that person who needs the hug for whatever reason.  A hug can look like many things - a day out for them - our last recipient received her first pedicure ever - I remember my first - heaven on earth!!  It might be an opportunity to do something with the family that finances don't normally allow,  it might be a chocolate escape, materials or magazines about something they love, and on and on.  A special touch is importants, thus our vintage hankies/poem and our special Sister Hugs doily made just for them.  Something soft or cute is usually am appreciated gesture....

I am also loving the requests for special prayer and thoughts when things are out of our hands.  I know Cooper's family appreciates the additional prayers and hugs sent their way.  My question to all of you, what would you like to see through Sister Hugs to make it more personal to you?  I love that so many of you are on board and sharing with friends and family, I just want to continue to see that it touches your heart as it touches mine.  I never leave the house anymore without looking at people wondering - "suppose they need a hug?!!!"  Please come bail me out if I get arrested for too much hugging:)  I shop thinking - hmm, what could I do with that for someone?  Is anyone else looking at things differently through Sister eyes?  Just reflecting and would love to hear what you are thinking.  I know it is hard to respond on this blog - feel free to use facebook or message me. 

Spreading the word near and far - "We Care"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere
with what you can do."
- John Wooden

We can't change many things, but we can make a difference.  Invite your friends; remember our sisters next time you run to the store, an extra bag of chocolates or a magazine might be just the thing to put a smile on a face.  Let your imagination run wild - your creativity will mean the world to her. 

Our group is spreading!  While out and about away from home today, I was approached about Sister Hugs - that is pretty cool!!  Keep spreading the word.  I aspire to grow to each state...there are sisters everywhere needing a hug and we are just the gals to do it!!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

....And I believe in all of you!!  Call me crazy but I am introducing not 1, not 2, but 3 wonderful sisters that I would like to bomb.  They are located in different parts of Nebraska and have 3 very different stories.  If your heart is touched by one and you would love to contribute to her Love Bomb, excellent.  If you want to contribute to 2 or 3, fabulous!!  Just make sure I know what your intentions are for your gift or note. 

Ok, here goes. 

#1.  "Kerrie" is our single mom with 3 children.  The oldest is a boy who has special needs.  This has made it difficult to find daycare and to keep employment.  The younger two are both girls, the youngest being only 1, the middle daughter is in school.  "Kerrie" doesn't have much time or money to spend on herself, as everything goes to rent and the kids.  She is very willing to do whatever she needs to for the kids but misses having a chance to be a "girl" herself once in a while.  She would love a chance for a bit of nail polish or yummy smelling bath soap, etc.  They do not have many of the extras and Kerrie could use a splurge for herself.  They do not live close to Lincoln or Omaha so gift cards would need to be usable in Grand Island. 

#2.  "Sarah" is a wife and mother and was recently diagnosed with cancer.  She will start chemo soon and could use a boost as she goes through all that lies ahead.  Her family is extremely supportive but knowing that others outside of her family, strange sisters, in fact, care about her would be a huge smile for her.  Things to help her keep her mind off the cancer/chemo (not that it is possible but we can try to lighten the load a little) would be a blessing.  This sister is located in the Lincoln area.

#3.  "Lexi" is married with 2 bio children and 3 foster children (siblings).  She and her husband have been experiencing the roller coaster of the system for over 2 years now and go back to court in August to see if this case is progressing.  Any of you who know me know that we have experienced a similar roller coaster and it is hard!!  Knowing they are being kept in people's prayers would be appreciated and a Love Bomb for this mom who gives, gives, gives to others would be well deserved.  Lexi is located in the Omaha area. 

Now, for Sister Hugs updates!!  Our facebook likes continue to rise - I believe we are at 68 as of today.  That is a sweet number considering we only began less than a month ago!!  We have already delivered one love bomb and have 3 more ready to go, ready to brighten the day for 3 more sisters!!!  I have been contacted to appear on NTV's Good Life show on August 6 and have accepted.  This will put our mission out to many more sisters, giving us the opportunity to Love Bomb many more ladies.  There is also a chance that our story will be shared with a radio station out there, too.  The more we can get the word out, the more hugs we are able to share.  Thanks SO much for being a part of this.  I am touched by so much compassion I see from all of you. 

Remember, there are MANY, MANY ways to get items to me. Email or message me if you need help with that.   I would like to run this for 2 weeks and then get the Love Bombs on their merry way. That means we will close these collections on August 10.  As always, ask away if you have any questions.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The purpose of our Love Bomb is let someone know that they are not alone, that somewhere out there are sisters that care.  Remember, Friday is our final day for nominations. Email or message me your nominations with general details.

I love this quote!!

Pinned Image

This message says so much to me.  There are so many hurts and issues in the world that we simply cannot fix or change or make disappear.  What we can do is let someone know that they are not alone, that someone thinks they are pretty amazing and believe in them.  It may not change the world but it will change a heart, at least for a while.  Thanks for being on this journey with me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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This is soooo true.  Think what a Love Bomb does for their day!!  Keep the nominations coming in - remember Friday is the deadline.  I do realize that some stories will touch your heart more than others, so feel free to join in when it touches you.  You all inspire me so thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Adding another question and answer -
Q - Do I need to live in your area to participate?  Absolutely not.  Through the wonders of the internet, we can communicate instantly and this is all about sisters caring about sisters, location is really not important.  We are growing and that is wonderful; it means we can touch more lives in a special way.  I have a couple of nominations that are pretty special right now but am also looking to see if someone knows of a sister impacted by the fires who could use a hug?  I realize that this is ongoing but it will take a while to collect a love bomb to send their way.  Because we are anonymous, location is not the issue.  Have a restful evening.

Monday, July 23, 2012

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Reminder that you have until Friday to get me your nomination for a recipient for our next Love Bomb.  Think of someone who would love a surprise - which is basically everybody!  Let's brighten a deserving sister's day.  A few questions I have been asked -
Will she know who nominated her?  - No, not unless you choose to tell her.
How will she get the Love Bomb?  I will mail it to her with an explanation about Sister Hugs unless we decide to get it to her in a different manner.
What types of items are you wanting?  Pretty much anything that will brighten a day.  Little or big, notes, gift cards, chocolate/candy is always "sweet"!  As I suggested earlier, when out shopping, just throw a little something extra in your cart and send it along for a bomb.  A lot of you are big into pinterest - if you want to make something or tag something, beautiful!  Your creativity, concern,  and thoughts are why this can only suceed with the help of each of you. 
Who should be nominated? Think of the person who somehow remains upbeat, even though you know they have so much going on - think of the person who is facing a struggle, think of the person who is always there whenever anyone needs something, or the person who recently moved or had a change in life, or....the list goes on. 
How do I nominate someone? Send me an email or a facebook message.
Will everyone else know who she is? Nope, I get to rename her and offer a description of some of her special qualities but she remains anonymous to the sisters. 
Other questions?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am pretty excited by something that came in today's mail - a poem that is perfect to include in each Love Bomb - ask and ye' shall receive, I guess!!  She also sent a large donation of vintage handkerchiefs  - one will be included in each bomb with the following poem:

I was an old hankie,
              with nothing to do
'Til the sisters found me
              And gave me to you
You see, they know my secret,
              They do indeed:
That I'm already trained
               If you're ever in need.
I've wiped tears of sorrow
               And tears of joy;
It's the tears of laughter
               That I most enjoy.
So here I am
               Without a qualm,
From your Sister Hug sisters
                In your special LOVE BOMB.

I know many of you are visiting the Sister Hug blog - please leave a comment so others know they are not alone wanting to help.  As we grow, I am going to need more and more help - you're amazing people, keep spreading the hugs!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Today was a very gifted kind of day - I feel the blessings are beginning to roll in and I hope you are feeling the love.  Between the mail and people stopping me in person to give $ and gifts, I am pleased to see that Clare is going to feel some extra love very soon!!  She is such a giver who has devoted so much of her life these past years to others, it is wonderful knowing that she is going to receive a surprise that is just for her!!  Thanks for helping to bomb her with some love.  Be thinking about future nominations for other recipients.  A couple of us were thinking that we would like to bomb a couple of people next month so keep your eyes and ears open for sisters needing a little extra loving and/or appreciation.  Guys, I would love to hear from you, too!  As always, you can message me or send me an email at sisterhugs19@gmail.com.  I'll post a picture later of our bomb for Clare.  If you want to contribute, there is still time for this one or let me know of any nominations for the next round. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My spy has returned with some great insight into our mission!!  The following is specific things that would be appreciated by Clare and helpful if you want to contribute to the LOVE BOMB.  Any other ideas that you have would also be appreciated AND don't forget the power of a note, card, letter, prayer or drawing.

Favorite beverage- Diet Dr.Pepper, iced tea
Candy- Hershey's dark chocolate
Snacks- trail mix, Chex mix
Food- Mexican
Flowers- daisies or colorful bright flowers
Crafts/Hobbies- she use to do cross stitching, crocheting and quilting, but doesn't have the time now.  She likes to read everything, especially Nebraska authors.  The only magazine she gets is Organic Gardening.  She does have a vegetable garden and lots of flowers!

She has never had a pedicure. :) One of our sisters is already on this one! 

My thoughts would be:
- hats / scarves ( she had on a lavender ball cap)
- movie passes or gift card for going out to eat....to go on a date with her special someone - time for her!
- garden gift certificate or gardening magazine
- a novel or gift card to pick out something to read
- Kindle gift card
Calling all sisters!!  I just got back from doing a little shopping for our special sister out there - very little, but a little - and wanted to get back to you, as promised.  I have to set a quick deadline for this one as we are leaving Saturday so I will need any gifts, letters, or $ by Friday.  I know that is fast but am confident it can happen.  My special "spy" has been doing her research and discovered that "Clare" has a kindle so I imagine a gift card to Amazon would get used for that?  Also, restaurant gift cards would be appreciated, especially to a local little town just south of Norris.  I know you are looking for specific ideas, and I will offer some of those but please feel free to expand on these ideas.  You all have such great, creative minds and the gesture is what this is most about.  Also, if you could include a little note, letter or prayer, I know she would cherish those thoughts.

While I am on the creative writing aspect, do any of you have a creative mind for poetry?  I have a poem that I snagged and I love it, but I would prefer a Sister Hug poem created by one of you, to be used with each LOVE BOMB.  Obviously it would be with the intent of having your permission to use it and I am more than eager to give you credit as the author.  Here is the one that I currently have, and love, just need one written that I know is free to use!

"As you face life's challenges
And go about your day
A sister who you do not know
is sending love your way.

And as the day turns into night
And you lay down to rest
A sister who you've never met
Is praying you'll be blessed

Not out of pity or sympathy
But out of a love that's true
An army of Sisters, side by side
With thoughts and prayers for you.

Be Encouraged."

Isn't that wonderful?  Any one willing to create one for us? 

Ok, on to specifics - pampering for her is the first name of this game so anything that is special for her would be great.  I don't know if she likes chocolates or sweets but imagine it would be a nice addition.  Magazines or books - Christian stories make a nice, safe read.  Things for the kids to do - while that may not sound like a luxury for her, think about the relaxing that can happen if the kids are busy! :)Flowers or a plant would be ok this time as this gift is not being mailed but rather dropped off.    I got her a lightweight throw as a special "hug" from the sisters.  I know most of us are sweating from this heat but a friend who was going through chemo told me that she was cold all of the time.  Even if she's not, she has a physical hug to remember our love.  Anything you can contribute would be magnificent.  You can drop it by my house, mail it to me, or leave it at school.  If you are in Lincoln, email me and I'll give you a drop off point there, too.  If none of the above work, let me know and I'll come pick it up.  Thanks so much.  More ideas will follow as my "spy" gets more thoughts my way!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo: While I had hold of the hubbys fancy cell phone here is a visual update for what has been collected for our solo mums birthday gifts and our 10 love bomb ladies!

Impressive, considering we've only been at this for a few days (you are all VERY organised!!), but still a lot more needed for our 10 bombee's

If your gift is in here: THANK YOU !!! <3
This is a picture of some of the hug material The Sisterhood in New Zealand gathered for their love bombs.  I thought I might give you an idea as to little things you can contribute for our love bombs.  The idea is simply to brighten someone's day, to say someone cares, that you are not alone.  It does not need to be big or expensive, just looking to pass along a little hug to someone who could use one.  After all, don't we all need a hug from time to time?
Good Morning!  I am so excited about the future of Sister Hugs!  Thank you for all of your interest and offers to belong.  If you feel like you're a Sister, you already are!  Please keep your nominations coming in for our next huggee.  Our first one is a pretty obvious choice whom I will call Clare.  Since she doesn't know she's being love bombed, I can't ask her for permission to share her story.  While many of you will recognize her story, others will not and that's the way this works...giving simply because it's the right thing for a sister to do. 

Clare is an amazing grandmother/mom.  She is struggling with her own health right now, all while dealing with bigger family issues than most of us could ever dream.  Through it all, she continues to put the needs of others before her own.  She has dealt with family tragedy after tragedy

If you feel like you would like to send a smile to her, please EMAIL ME. This is going to take a lot of helpers to get in behind our LOVE BOMB to make it a success.

The details:

  • If you are stuck for ideas just ask me, I have a little list for her that she might find delightful.
  • To protect her privacy, I will not be releasing any address details.
  • Therefore, you will need to pay for postage to send to me, and I will be forwarding everything on once it has all been collected in one big LOVE BOMB parcel
  • I am also accepting money if you aren't able / dont want to send anything. Any dollars sent will go towards pamper packages.
  • Even if you feel like right now you can't contribute, a lovely letter of appreciation would ALWAYS go down a treat. We are thinking quality of smiles here people, not expensive smiles.
  • Most importantly, please contact me to contribute. sisterhugs19@gmail.com  (right now! do it!)
So ladies. I am loving YOU. You who get up each morning day after day and put a smile on your dial. You who make this world a better place. Hugs to you.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sister Hugs
Welcome to Sister Hugs, a wonderful new cause originally created in New Zealand and lovingly shared with me to continue here in the U.S.  I desire to help those that, through no fault of their own, are hurting in one way or another.  I have big dreams of doing world-changing acts, but I lack the resources to follow through on most of them.  It is just not feasible for me to fill my home with 20 needy children, to open a home for young mothers, to help every homeless person I meet.  I don't know how to build new homes for those who lost theirs to fires, natural disasters, or poverty.  I can't take away the pain of sickness or death.  What I can do is to try to brighten the day for one or more of these wonderful people through a LOVE BOMB!  With the help of other sisters and their friends and resources, we put together a basket of hugs, letters, gifts, necessities that will show this beautiful soul that they are not alone, that they have someone who cares.