Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not sure if you'll be able to read these or not, but here is the article from the Voice.  It's a great article, but I have to clarify two things, which were probably my fault in the first place.  It refers to all of the Sisters as "my volunteers".  I do not look at anyone here as my volunteers, I look at all of us as Sisters looking out for other sisters and brothers.  If you feel like you're a sister, you ARE a sister!  The second item that needs clarified is the label, Love Bomb.  I do not get any credit for that wonderful name, it is from The Sisterhood in NZ.  They started Love Bombing over there, and I asked permission to use the same terminology.  Otherwise, I think everything is pretty accurate and shows a snapshot of what we do! 

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  1. Awesome exposure!! I never thought before but it must be quite radical of you to use our "love bomb" term - being in america and all. Over here we dont have the same sort of stigma regarding "bombs", we dont have those sort of threats in our little country :)