Saturday, April 25, 2015

Painted rock project

Why?? Why would I waste my time finding a rock, painting it when I gave no artistic talent, and then going out to leave it somewhere?? 

Why, you ask? Because it's actually pretty fun and for the person finding a little bit of eye candy, it's a treasure!! You never know, but that little treasure may end up being kept in a pocket for a constant smile, brought to school, placed on a window, or left there to provide a smile for the next person.  Don't ever underestimate the power of a simple act.  

Step number one - find your rocks.  I'd recommend doing more than one because as long as you have the supplies out, you might as well keep going.(and, if you're like me, after you've done one, you'll want to try another idea, and another)...look for smooth rocks and if you have a design in mind, shape may or may not matter.  
Next you'll want to take your collection and wash and dry them.  After they've dried, prime them with a base coat of black or white, depending on your ultimate design.  If you are wanting a simpler version, you can skip this step.
Your rock is now ready for your imagination.  The ideas are endless and no matter what you decide to do, it will be a treasure to the person who finds it. 
More ideas...
Have fun and send us pictures!! It's also fun to linger if you think it might be found soon.  Last time we were still in the area for some of the discoveries and the excitement was too cute!  
Never underestimate the power of a rock. 

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