Saturday, May 2, 2015

September 12

Looking for bragging rights to your famous chili???

Now is your opportunity to prove it once and for all!! Sister Hugs will be hosting another fun event for all  on September 12.  Once again we will be selling tables for $25 and the hostess will be responsible for filling the seats and decorating the table.  It worked well last time for the hostess to also provide drink for her group, so we will request that again.  

We are also hosting another "chair"-ity auction.  
I know of one special 1940's chair that was purchased by Ed and Paula Hall in St. Louis that is waiting for the auction...I've heard from others that they have some that they've been saving for our next one.  This little doll chair has been primed and is now waiting for stage 2...who knows what other treasures will be waiting?! You can be assured that whatever you buy will be a one-of-a-kind!  

Now I've saved the best for last - the location!  Kent and Lori Oelling have agreed to let us use this beautiful and perfect fall location.  
Mark your calendars, pull out your recipes or pull up Pinterest, book a table, and start prepping those chairs.  There's a lot of fun waiting for us in September!  (And plenty of time to prepare.  Don't be on the outside wishing in!) 


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