Saturday, August 16, 2014

No regrets, EVER!!

I had a conversation with someone yesterday about the "choice" to adopt this doll when our other children were old, and 2 were out on their own. They were questioning the whys and saying that choice would not have been for them...  Something most people wouldn't do.  The other 4 are in their 20's and we have a son the same age as our grandkids.  I'll never forget the phone call, the trip Jess and I took to meet him...Look at that face - would I change a thing? Not for all the bibbities in the world.  He really wasn't a choice, he is a blessing that we don't deserve but thank God for every day.  Never a doubt that he was intended for our family from the moment we met.  My only wish is for time to slow down!  Love you, little man! 

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