Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thoughts from the day...

This morning Marilyn and I worked the Farmer's Market to promote the "Chair"ity Auction.  In addition to spending a morning with a great friend, sharing SH, seeing fun items at the market, and doing a little RAK, we had the honor of meeting one of our Love Bomb recipients.  As Marilyn said, that alone made the morning complete.  I can't begin to express the satisfaction that comes from meeting someone who felt our hugs.  
After the market, we went over to the theater to return Amber's table and tent and took a tour of the place where the auction will be held.  What a fabulous venue.  I love the old brick and the cool feel to the place.  There is a room for the dessert bar and a large room for the auction.  The live auction will be on the stage.  It is simply ideal.  
I am beyond excited to see all of the chairs and for the auction, the roots of Sister Hugs remains our Love Bombs.  It was fun to listen to Marilyn explain who we are and what we do (she's very good at sharing the mission) and to see people's reactions.  We had 2 koozies, 2 hats, and 5 dollars donated without asking for anything.  People get the need and kind hearts are everywhere.  I am very, very blessed to be a part of this; for those of you wanting to get more involved, you are always welcome.  The auction would be an easy event to volunteer at to get your feet wet. 

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