Sunday, October 4, 2015


This house is currently for sale for $39,000.  While it's not exactly my perfect vision of what Nana's Place will look like, it would do.  I think Nana's Place needs to be filled with comfort and peace, chicken noodle soup in a world of McDonalds.  

One problem with Nana's Place is one we encounter with Sister Hugs - while we get a lot of support, and we do get a lot - the majority of people see it as "my" thing.  With Sister Hugs, it has definitely become a "we" thing with some of my dearest people in the world joining the mission and claiming it as "ours".  In order for Nana's Place to ever become, I think the need has to be felt and others to go beyond supporting my idea and feeling the mission within themselves.  This is not to say that everyone will or should.  I remember having a conversation with one new friend who believed in this mission because of things in her past.  I believe in pet rescue, but it's not my personal passion.  This is not for everyone and I get that.  

For those who are intrigued, though, please read on.  Nana's place is my dream for a place in which people of all ages can go to seek the traditional comfort that Grandma's House once provided. (And still does for many) Baking, sewing, games, and more would be introduced and there would always be open arms to rock the babies.  Need a safe haven or a get away?  There will be beds available, no questions asked, but listening ears are abundant if you do want to talk.  

We've talked about providing a room for our own resident "nana" who would oversee the place.   Obviously it would take a special kind of person to keep the porch light on and the coffee brewing.  Still just a thought, a dream.  However, the more advanced our beautiful world becomes, the greater the need for simplicity and the caring touch of others.  

I'd love your feedback, both pros and cons. ....

I must admit, this throwback picture is waaaaay too sterile for me!! Nana's place will be filled with warm, soft, fluffy, cuddly things.  

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