Saturday, December 26, 2015

New Beginnings

We will be hosting another event in the spring.  Christmas has come and gone, but love is still in the air.  I just added a post stating that we are the reason for the season.  That doesn't mean that it's all about us, but that everything He did was because of His deep love for us.  As we are continuously striving to be more Christ-like, sacrificing, giving, looking out for others, sharing ourselves, respect, caring about...all are things that Christ did and asks us to do for the least of our brothers.  At Sister Hugs, we recognize that we are but poor sinners with big hearts trying to follow His command.  Some days are bigger trials than others, but daily we try to do something - a post to touch a heart, a comment, a smile, a donation, a prayer, a call, a deed, a visit from Santa, an event....and we invite any and all of you to join in with whatever touches YOUR HEART. 

As Christmas draws to a close, we can reflect on all of the kindness that was shared.  However, our list of hurting, lonely people doesn't go away with Santa's  sleigh.  As long as people need us, we will continue to spread joy and cheer wherever we can.  "Are you still doing that Sister Hugs thing?"  Common question.  While it's a part of me, it has become so much bigger than me.  I get emails all of the time from people doing our thing with others - spreading the love.  It's not my thing, it's our thing.  And I honestly believe it's God's thing.  I believe He smiles on our mission and has helped us out more times than I can count- timing, donations, motivation.  He guides us through this 'thing'.  

Last year we did a scarf collection for the poor.  Two years ago a red scarf collection for the heart Association.  This year we are once again going to collect scarves.  Red ones will be donated to the heart Association, warm ones to the homeless, others saved for gifts for Love Bombs.  

We are also in need of old China plates.  Dessert size in any pattern, but pretty, "girly" ones. 
We will be hosting another event in the spring - Spring Fling 2. Details to come.  Last year we sold out of tables - reserve yours today - $40...table of 8.  

Just a few ramblings from me....Happy Saturday! 

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