Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinned Imageok, this is not at all where I thought this blog was going tonight, but I figure if it can make me Laugh outloud after the week I've had, it's a good direction to take.  :)  It does remind me that WAY too often, our moods are dictated by other people and their perception of us, and it can completely make or break a day.  However, what we do is a kindness that can also completely MAKE a day.  Reading about the difference one of our Love Bombs made on a life completely made my day; motivated me to get back on track with our mission because it is a very worthy mission!  As I've said from day one, I can't build a house, I can't cure sickness, I can't load up a bank account...BUT what we can do is provide the hug that makes the heart feel a little better.  It might just be the encouragement that someone needs to give it another go.  We all know it's not the physical items in the love bomb, but rather the act and idea of the love bomb.  By donating toward the love bomb, you are spreading your love all around.  I am so proud of Sister Hugs and all of the sisters involved.  We will continue to share the word of it and to grow, touching more and more lives.  Remember we are currently working on a Love Bomb for Mary Elizabeth.  Her husband did get moved to Madonna today.  He is not out of the coma but is showing small signs of trying to communicate.  I just know he is trying to break through his obstacles to come back to his wife and family.  She continues to be a pillar of strength and positiveness - please join me in Love Bombing her with one big Hug!  Donations will be accepted through August. Remember, letters are also greatly appreciated to let her know she's being bombed with love from all over.

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