Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Update...all of our Love Bombs that have been mailed should have been received by now.  Still working on one for Mary Elizabeth.  We have received a number of items but can always use more.  Received a new nomination last night that we will begin working on soon.  Remember you can submit nominations at anytime.  I also have chocolate minibombs on hand that can be delivered if you know someone who just needs a pick-me-up after one of "those" days.  Nominations always accepted via text or FB message - or word of mouth.

I went out on a limb last night and shared Sister Hugs with all staff - it almost seemed harder than appearing on TV, not sure why?  I so cherish all of you sisters who are there and lend your support and love to all of these women.  Guess I want the whole world to feel about it as I do and to get involved.  It's amazing to me, though, that so many of you are willing and eager to share so much with women you don't even know, not expecting anything in return, just for the goodness of your heart.  I get so much from that aspect that I almost (almost) feel guilty for the joy I receive from doing this - I guess I feel that if more people experienced this joy, we could share more with sisters in need of a hug, because they would want to do it again and again.  I honestly can't wait to share it with the group of women at the end of September that have invited me to speak.  Basically, I guess you could say I really love Sister Hugs and all of you and the work that is being done. 

  Remember that a Love Bomb can be many things - mostly it is to show sisters that they are not alone, whether it be in a struggle, in a fight, in a mission.  We, although strangers, are there in spirit and heart, through a hug called a LOVE BOMB.  Please keep sharing.  It's a wonderful thing that we are doing and I know more people would love to join us if they knew about it.  So much of this goes on at Christmas - part of the reason I wanted Sister Hugs is that there are people needing hugs year-round, not just at Christmas.  It will be great to go into the Christmas season already rolling and moving through it instead of it being a one time mission.  You are all so amazing - thanks for caring.


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