Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Welcome, Direction, questions...

It was almost 15 months ago that Sister Hugs was created.  Prior to that, I was trying to figure out how to create my dream space, Nana's Place.  I prayed hard for answers, called the shelter to talk things through, and was still lost...on that fateful, sleepless night, I happened upon a blog that I hadn't seen before, that was talking about this group called The Sisterhood.  They are in New Zealand so I went to this blog and learned more.  I contacted the sweetest angel named Sophie about her group and she answered all of my questions.  I also asked her if she'd mind if I started something similar, but separate here in the states.  She didn't, since we are so far away, and Sister Hugs was born.  We do use their name for our gifts, Love Bombs, because no other name does it justice.  The rest has evolved into what it is today, but our heart will always have a part of the Sisterhood in it.
I do know there is a plan for this, one in which I HOPE can include Nana's Place someday and a location for Sister Hugs.  However, I've learned that this is not my project, it is not even our project, but rather it is His project and we are the tools.  Everyone is so amazing being there for whatever is next.  I hope I am always ready for the next mission. I sometimes feel selfish for all of the perks that have come my way since the birth of SH - so many friends, fun times, rewarding hugs and thanks, tears beyond belief, and my heart has grown 20 sizes since that fateful July.  I do expect to die of an exploding heart someday as the love that I feel everyday is immeasurable.  It is such a blessing to be able to give a little happiness to others -

Fast forward - we are celebrating over 1000 followers on FB and others via email.  Many ask how they can get involved.  There is an address on the FB page if you'd like to donate.  Items that are requested are items from the heart, both hand made and purchased.  Things
that make you smile, give you comfort, provided some pampering.  GC are great as gifts or for us to use to purchase items.  $ donations are used for postage and purchasing specific items to add, such as a willow tree gift for a gold star mom that we wanted to bless.  Prayers are wonderful, comments, support, advice,'s all appreciated.