Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy hearts

"Success and happiness comes from following your heart. "~p 

"What career should I have?" "What should I do with my life?" 

While on a college visit with Tim a few years ago, this question was addressed and stuck with me ever since. " Find what you truly love doing and you'll be successful."  When I was hired by Sugar and Spice Daycare and Preschool back in 1983, I remember being outside with the kids and telling the assistant manager, "I can't believe I get paid to work here!" I loved that job, the people, and the kids.  Another friend of mine works at a pet store.  She loves animals and recently mentioned that she loves going to work every day.  Following her passion makes everyday a joy. 

Why do I bring this up?? I think our lives need to be filled with purpose, passion, and happiness.  This doesn't have to come from our jobs.  It might come from hobbies, family, friends, outreach.  I love my job, but there is a lot of stress that goes with it.  There are high demands and a lot of variables given to me.  Sister Hugs has become a source of purpose, passion, and happiness.  It doesn't provide that for everyone, but for many it does.  It is an outreach and ministry that makes a difference.  For me, that fills a need.  

Quality time with family and friends is another source of purpose, passion and happiness.  In our busy world, sometimes this often gets placed on the "tomorrow" list.  I am guilty of this, not by conscience choice, but by lack of planning.

Hobbies- almost everyone I know will state that they used to craft, or sew, or scrapbook, or read, or sing, or bake,..... And they just don't have time anymore.  I used to clean, ...😉. We still have the same 24 hours in a day.  It's a shame to let our enjoyments slip away.  Creativity is a release, rewarding, and a gift.  Do not shove it under the bed. 

Finally, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We have now.  Examine your priorities, your goals, and your passions.  Don't let others dictate your direction.  Open that bakery if that's your dream.  Life is not about the largest paycheck or doomed failures based on others experiences.  If funds are holding you back, do not throw your dreams away, save and explore ways to compensate.  

Learn from them, plan, but follow your heart.  

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