Sunday, June 8, 2014

Intentional Kindness Day

July 5 is Sister  Hugs 2nd Anniversary; we turn 2!!! What an amazing 2 years it has been. Just like last year, we are celebrating with another Intentional Acts of Kindness Day. I am going downtown Lincoln again to distribute bags to anyone who would like one.  I would love to have you join me.  I know that Mary, Scott, and Shelly are returning for this.  Jill and her son are planning to be there.  I am bringing son #4 with me.  You are welcome to join us, or to plan your own day filled with purposeful kind acts. Last year we had many who did their own deeds - Becky and her family filled the campsite with wood for the next campers, Marilyn and Bob surprised others on their trip to GA, Denise and her crew donated toys to the PCM...many ways to leave others with a smile.  Last year we gave bags filled with blessings for the homeless.  This year I am altering the bags to include socks instead of shirts and some of these other items.  I am bringing a wagon, and also want to get some flowers to hand out.  Other ideas?? 

 1)  of the hardest things about being homeless and on the streets is not being acknowledged.  As someone in need, it is worse when people simply ignore you and pretend you don’t exist rather than simply being blatantly rejected. He told me he’d rather someone make eye contact and reject his request for money or food than to simply pretend he doesn’t exist.

2) When I asked him what were the most helpful things someone could GIVE him he told me: 1) A night in a hotel. It gives a person a chance to shower, shave, sleep in a bed, and feel like a human. 2) Water and socks. Water made sense to me but socks? When I asked him to explain he told me how a lot of his time is spent walking. If he doesn’t have socks or they are worn down too thin, he would get blisters quickly. Not good for a person dependent on walking with no first aid kit

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