Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kick in' Back With Friends

June 7
Mahoney State Park
Children's Festival 4-6
Food 6-7
Cancer Walk/reflect/Share 7-?

A HUGE thank you to so many who have committed to this special day with us.  Many have been working and planning on this since our walk ended last year.  We reserved a shelter a year ago to ensure the location, started working on ideas and advertising, and have been spreading the word for almost 12 months now.  To us, the greatest indicator of a successful day will not be the money raised or the number of people in attendance, but the hearts that are touched by attending.  Whether we have 5 or 500 present, we want all to leave with a permanent etch on their heart from being there.  Thanks to all who are willing to help make that happen.  

Do we still need help?? Absolutely!! 
What can I do to help??
* Form a team in honor of a warrior.  Bring your team to walk
*join Sister Hugs' team
*donate food (spreadsheet will be posted Friday)
*offer to run an activity for the children's festival
*help advertise
*help make signs
*donate money for balloons! lights! etch
*share ideas for meaningful events to add
*join us at Mahoney

I think we would all agree that Sister Hugs has far exceeded its original vision.  This is due to all of you, your generosity, your kindness, your empathy, your time and commitment.  You do make a difference in this world, one smile at a time, and for that, I thank each of you for being a part of this.  It's amazing that our children are also seeing the need and filling voids.  This began as a means to compensate for a much too busy world and people who continue to hurt.  Thank you for being there.  You are always welcome to run with ideas - this group belongs to anyone who wishes to participate, in any means that you wish.  

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