Monday, May 26, 2014

Kickin' Back with Friends.

Less than 2 weeks to the big SH event that has been in the works for a year!! While officially it's our fundraiser to keep our operation functioning, it is so much more than that.  Cancer has touched every one of our lives in one way or another.  My first exposure was at the age of 7 when it robbed me of my Grandma.  Since then, I've witnessed a school parent battle and lose her fight with breast cancer, watched first my mother-in-law bravely battle and eventually be taken, then my sister-in-law lose her battle all too young. I've seen coworkers, my children's friend, babies, etc. battle.  I am in awe at the strength of every warrior I've ever met, whether they were older or just babies.  Mothers have been snatched from newborns, newborns taken from knows no boundaries, not age, wealth, education, or status.  I've also witnessed brave warriors win their battle, but the scars and the fears are still there.  Cancer is a demon, and we want to celebrate every warrior and their courage.  The fight was not in vain, we remember and spread your word.

June 7 will be this year's Cancer Walk and more.  There will be a Children's Festival with kids' games, activities, cookie decorating, and an egg hunt. (The Easter egg hunt was rained out and we have lots of eggs!). The festival will be held from 4-6 at Mahoney State Park at the Turkey Shelter.  Around 6 will be a free-will pulled pork meal, followed by our special cancer walk and memories.  

Questions we've been asked -
*Do I have to walk, I have a hurt foot?. No, walking is not required.
*Is this just for ladies?? No, everyone is welcome and invited.
*Do I have to be on a team?  No, again, everyone is welcome.

I've mentioned this before, but I heard about a young girl in her final stages of cancer telling her mom that she was ready to be rid of the pain, but she was scared that people would forget her.  If you asked me what my #1 goal for this event is, I would say, "that we don't forget." Here and beyond, we do not forget.

I personally hope to see all of you there. 

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