Friday, May 30, 2014

Fund raiser

About a year ago, I threw out the idea of a retreat. Speaker, activities, idea, end of thought.

Fast forward a year and we are discussing a couple of sisters going through a rough time, time after time.  Suggested that they needed a break.  Just as Nana's place is an idea to provide a little R&R at grandma's House, when I need a stress reliever, I grab my sister or my daughter and run away for a weekend.  That was what we felt some of these sisters needed, except why not add some additional pampering? Why not have a mini retreat / slumber party? Why not see if we can help fund it to make it a royal treat for some deserving sisters?? Well, because our current funds support our Love Bombs.  BUT what if we held a different SH fundraiser with the intent of funding or off-setting a retreat?  And making it available to others who want to come and are willing to pay?? (I hate getting left out!) what if we used our general operation philosophy to do this fund raiser?? (What in the world is she talking about?!)

You are so very talented.  What if we pooled our talents - an item from me, an item from you, and you, and you, and set up at the craft fair with all proceeds from this going to a SH retreat for nominated recipients who need pampering and a little R&R?  Others would be welcome, we could do optional sessions and whatever else sounded like fun!  I'm working on a couple of pieces already - the craft show is in October.  Who's willing to donate one or two items for a great cause?? Who wants to be "on the road again?"🎧 with me??

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