Sunday, October 14, 2012

Image detail for -Quotes about Helping Others - Quotes about Doing Good DeedsInformation on two more of our Love Bomb nominations...

Sister #3 - "Maria" - wife of a farmer - last year they were forced out of their home due to flooding.  After spending the summer with her family and finally being able to move back in and clean up, they dealt with the drought of this summer.  Through it all, she works two jobs and keeps a wonderful attitude of "it could always be worse".  A little pampering sent her way would be a beautiful indulgence that she doesn't often enjoy. 

Sister #4 - "Catherine" - After much hard work and sacrifice, finally landed her dream job, one in which she excelled, only to lose this job due to budget cuts.  A year later she was offered another job at the same location, which she happily accepted.  However, it is not utilizing her talents to the fullest or allowing her to shine as she did before.  She never complains but a little encouragement and appreciation for her would be appreciated. Hopefully her patience and persistance will pay off in the future and let her return to an area where she is intended to be.   

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