Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cute hedgehog pictures.Do they even know how adorable they are?  Do you even know how adorable and wonderful you are?

Sister #7 - "Kallie" - wife/Mom of 2 little girls, her mother is currently living in the home with them, dealing with a few personal things and feeling a bit of stress.  Could use a little love and appreciation from all of us!

Sister #8 - "Anna" - Mom/wife/teacher had her world come to a halt last March when her 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.  Her beautiful daughter died 6 days later, just shy of her 10th birthday.  On the day of her daughter's diagnosis, "Anna" and her husband found out they were expecting their 4th child.  This baby, a girl, is due in November.  They also have two boys.  Every day is a struggle and the conflicting emotions of mourning one daughter while welcoming a new one is almost too much to bear. 

Sister #9 - "Jessica" - was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and faces a really tough battle ahead.  Smiles are hard to come by these days and if we could even brighten one of those rough days, it would be a start. 


  1. I find it absolutely amazing that we are fortunate enough to bless these incredible women!