Sunday, October 14, 2012

Beautiful and encouraging :)(I know I've used this quote before, but I love it!)

Sister #5-"Regina" - recently diagnosed with Leukemia and is currently undergoing alternative medicine to fight it.  She is a mother/grandmother and recently started a new job.  She is doing pretty well but is very tired.  Her family is great but she would value additional prayers and love.

Sister #6 - "Rita" - The lady who is there for everybody else, although she has her own issues, and is one who can always be counted on through thick and thin.  Whether it is a sick grandchild, a young adult needing a roof, or a husband going through surgery, Rita is there to offer a shoulder and an ear (or a roof) and help pull everyone together with a laugh.  She puts others' needs above her own and we would like to take this opportunity to put HER first, for once! 

So many thoughts running through my head as I write these descriptions.  First of all, how fortunate I am to have my health and family/friends and happiness, at least for today as we never know what tomorrow brings.  Every day truly is a blessing to be appreciated and enjoyed.  Second, how appreciative I am of you for sharing these magnificently strong women with us.  It is not easy to go through their situations and it takes a strong character to endure.  Because it is so hard to be strong all of the time, we want to be part of their support and to let them know they are not alone.  Finally, a thankfulness to all of you who are feeling it in your hearts to join with me on this mission.  I feel it has been placed on my heart, and I can tell that many of you feel the gift on your hearts, too.  I truly look forward to seeing where this path is leading us.

More dear sisters to share later as we get to 7,8, and 9.

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