Sunday, October 14, 2012

Give a little loveThis has been so true with Sister Hugs for me.  The more love and compassion and prayer and items that I give, the more I feel my heart filling, ALMOST to a guilty point, but not quite!  I am filled with so much admiration for the women I am having the honor of meeting, both as nominees and as nominators and as supporters.  I just can't get enough of all of you!!!  The items that you donate are important, because they are the physical hug presented to our recipient.  However, it is the love that goes with the gift that truly showers our recipients and helps them through their trials and moments.  I am going to try to balance your need to get to know our recipients a little with their need to remain anonymous.  Remember, they don't know their story is being shared.  While they may be ok with it, I don't want to release more than we have the right to know.  Someone has given me this information and trusted us with our usage of it.  Our usage is to throw some love and hugs in the direction of a sister, to brighten her day and let her know that always she is in our hearts and on our minds; she is never alone.  

Sister #1 - "Monica"  - devoted grandmother of a 5th grader.  She and her husband moved to Nebraska from Louisiana about 4 years ago following the death of her son in Afghanistan.  "Monica" has been the guiding light in her grandson's life - helping him with the grief of losing his dad, life in Nebraska, and academic and social challenges.  Last year she underwent cancer treatment and recently another tumor was found which will require surgery and additional follow up treatment.  She will feel uplifted if she knows she has some "sisters" praying for her and keeping her in our thoughts.  There is no mother in this picture so "Monica" and her husband are the world for this boy. 

Sister #2 - Marcie -  26 year old diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Admitted to a hospital in MN in January, 2012.  She had a stem cell transplant June 2.  Marcie is currently struggling with a bacterial infection and will learn the next step in treating her cancer once the infection clears.  She is a small town cowgirl with a lot of fight in her:)  She is not allowed to eat anything with sugar or wheat, which means no food in her love bomb.  Chapstick, scent free lotion, etc would be ideas that she could use.  Notes of encouragement would be appreciated.  She does get visitors but knowing her support goes beyond immediate friends and family would be very encouraging.  She has a caring bridge page which I will find out if I can share with you.  I am using Marcie's real name.

Stay tuned for Sisters #3 - #9 as this day progresses...

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