Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sister Hugs purpose

Dear Sisters,
Yesterday I was approached about attending a church luncheon to share the word about Sister Hugs.  This is an exciting opportunity for us and for the members of the churches.  We also have our radio and TV "gigs" coming up soon.  While initially this was my vision, it is quickly growing and I want to make sure it continues as "our" vision.  My goal is to spread a little cheer, appreciation, thought, care and concern for a variety of sisters needing a hug.  Now I don't know about you, but I appreciate a hug when I am down but also when I am excited or happy.  I need a hug when I am overwhelmed, when I feel alone or when I'm bursting with great news.  I want us to be there for that person who needs the hug for whatever reason.  A hug can look like many things - a day out for them - our last recipient received her first pedicure ever - I remember my first - heaven on earth!!  It might be an opportunity to do something with the family that finances don't normally allow,  it might be a chocolate escape, materials or magazines about something they love, and on and on.  A special touch is importants, thus our vintage hankies/poem and our special Sister Hugs doily made just for them.  Something soft or cute is usually am appreciated gesture....

I am also loving the requests for special prayer and thoughts when things are out of our hands.  I know Cooper's family appreciates the additional prayers and hugs sent their way.  My question to all of you, what would you like to see through Sister Hugs to make it more personal to you?  I love that so many of you are on board and sharing with friends and family, I just want to continue to see that it touches your heart as it touches mine.  I never leave the house anymore without looking at people wondering - "suppose they need a hug?!!!"  Please come bail me out if I get arrested for too much hugging:)  I shop thinking - hmm, what could I do with that for someone?  Is anyone else looking at things differently through Sister eyes?  Just reflecting and would love to hear what you are thinking.  I know it is hard to respond on this blog - feel free to use facebook or message me. 

Spreading the word near and far - "We Care"

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  1. It is so amazing how so many small things ... whether they be prayers, donations, or whatever ... can add up to be such a huge hug for someone who needs it. It is truly inspiring. And yes, being a part of this group has definitly changed the way that I look at those around me. I feel like I have been hugged just by being a part of this group. Thank you Peggy for Sister Hugs!