Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am pretty excited by something that came in today's mail - a poem that is perfect to include in each Love Bomb - ask and ye' shall receive, I guess!!  She also sent a large donation of vintage handkerchiefs  - one will be included in each bomb with the following poem:

I was an old hankie,
              with nothing to do
'Til the sisters found me
              And gave me to you
You see, they know my secret,
              They do indeed:
That I'm already trained
               If you're ever in need.
I've wiped tears of sorrow
               And tears of joy;
It's the tears of laughter
               That I most enjoy.
So here I am
               Without a qualm,
From your Sister Hug sisters
                In your special LOVE BOMB.

I know many of you are visiting the Sister Hug blog - please leave a comment so others know they are not alone wanting to help.  As we grow, I am going to need more and more help - you're amazing people, keep spreading the hugs!!

1 comment:

  1. So cool! We include a poem as well, just email me if you would like a copy of it, I get it printed out at the photo shop as a photo size - it only costs about 10c a copy and looks pretty cool

    Love this poem and the idea of using a hankee!