Monday, July 23, 2012

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Reminder that you have until Friday to get me your nomination for a recipient for our next Love Bomb.  Think of someone who would love a surprise - which is basically everybody!  Let's brighten a deserving sister's day.  A few questions I have been asked -
Will she know who nominated her?  - No, not unless you choose to tell her.
How will she get the Love Bomb?  I will mail it to her with an explanation about Sister Hugs unless we decide to get it to her in a different manner.
What types of items are you wanting?  Pretty much anything that will brighten a day.  Little or big, notes, gift cards, chocolate/candy is always "sweet"!  As I suggested earlier, when out shopping, just throw a little something extra in your cart and send it along for a bomb.  A lot of you are big into pinterest - if you want to make something or tag something, beautiful!  Your creativity, concern,  and thoughts are why this can only suceed with the help of each of you. 
Who should be nominated? Think of the person who somehow remains upbeat, even though you know they have so much going on - think of the person who is facing a struggle, think of the person who is always there whenever anyone needs something, or the person who recently moved or had a change in life, or....the list goes on. 
How do I nominate someone? Send me an email or a facebook message.
Will everyone else know who she is? Nope, I get to rename her and offer a description of some of her special qualities but she remains anonymous to the sisters. 
Other questions?

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