Saturday, July 7, 2012

My spy has returned with some great insight into our mission!!  The following is specific things that would be appreciated by Clare and helpful if you want to contribute to the LOVE BOMB.  Any other ideas that you have would also be appreciated AND don't forget the power of a note, card, letter, prayer or drawing.

Favorite beverage- Diet Dr.Pepper, iced tea
Candy- Hershey's dark chocolate
Snacks- trail mix, Chex mix
Food- Mexican
Flowers- daisies or colorful bright flowers
Crafts/Hobbies- she use to do cross stitching, crocheting and quilting, but doesn't have the time now.  She likes to read everything, especially Nebraska authors.  The only magazine she gets is Organic Gardening.  She does have a vegetable garden and lots of flowers!

She has never had a pedicure. :) One of our sisters is already on this one! 

My thoughts would be:
- hats / scarves ( she had on a lavender ball cap)
- movie passes or gift card for going out to go on a date with her special someone - time for her!
- garden gift certificate or gardening magazine
- a novel or gift card to pick out something to read
- Kindle gift card

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