Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo: While I had hold of the hubbys fancy cell phone here is a visual update for what has been collected for our solo mums birthday gifts and our 10 love bomb ladies!

Impressive, considering we've only been at this for a few days (you are all VERY organised!!), but still a lot more needed for our 10 bombee's

If your gift is in here: THANK YOU !!! <3
This is a picture of some of the hug material The Sisterhood in New Zealand gathered for their love bombs.  I thought I might give you an idea as to little things you can contribute for our love bombs.  The idea is simply to brighten someone's day, to say someone cares, that you are not alone.  It does not need to be big or expensive, just looking to pass along a little hug to someone who could use one.  After all, don't we all need a hug from time to time?

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