Friday, July 27, 2012

....And I believe in all of you!!  Call me crazy but I am introducing not 1, not 2, but 3 wonderful sisters that I would like to bomb.  They are located in different parts of Nebraska and have 3 very different stories.  If your heart is touched by one and you would love to contribute to her Love Bomb, excellent.  If you want to contribute to 2 or 3, fabulous!!  Just make sure I know what your intentions are for your gift or note. 

Ok, here goes. 

#1.  "Kerrie" is our single mom with 3 children.  The oldest is a boy who has special needs.  This has made it difficult to find daycare and to keep employment.  The younger two are both girls, the youngest being only 1, the middle daughter is in school.  "Kerrie" doesn't have much time or money to spend on herself, as everything goes to rent and the kids.  She is very willing to do whatever she needs to for the kids but misses having a chance to be a "girl" herself once in a while.  She would love a chance for a bit of nail polish or yummy smelling bath soap, etc.  They do not have many of the extras and Kerrie could use a splurge for herself.  They do not live close to Lincoln or Omaha so gift cards would need to be usable in Grand Island. 

#2.  "Sarah" is a wife and mother and was recently diagnosed with cancer.  She will start chemo soon and could use a boost as she goes through all that lies ahead.  Her family is extremely supportive but knowing that others outside of her family, strange sisters, in fact, care about her would be a huge smile for her.  Things to help her keep her mind off the cancer/chemo (not that it is possible but we can try to lighten the load a little) would be a blessing.  This sister is located in the Lincoln area.

#3.  "Lexi" is married with 2 bio children and 3 foster children (siblings).  She and her husband have been experiencing the roller coaster of the system for over 2 years now and go back to court in August to see if this case is progressing.  Any of you who know me know that we have experienced a similar roller coaster and it is hard!!  Knowing they are being kept in people's prayers would be appreciated and a Love Bomb for this mom who gives, gives, gives to others would be well deserved.  Lexi is located in the Omaha area. 

Now, for Sister Hugs updates!!  Our facebook likes continue to rise - I believe we are at 68 as of today.  That is a sweet number considering we only began less than a month ago!!  We have already delivered one love bomb and have 3 more ready to go, ready to brighten the day for 3 more sisters!!!  I have been contacted to appear on NTV's Good Life show on August 6 and have accepted.  This will put our mission out to many more sisters, giving us the opportunity to Love Bomb many more ladies.  There is also a chance that our story will be shared with a radio station out there, too.  The more we can get the word out, the more hugs we are able to share.  Thanks SO much for being a part of this.  I am touched by so much compassion I see from all of you. 

Remember, there are MANY, MANY ways to get items to me. Email or message me if you need help with that.   I would like to run this for 2 weeks and then get the Love Bombs on their merry way. That means we will close these collections on August 10.  As always, ask away if you have any questions.


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