Saturday, July 7, 2012

Calling all sisters!!  I just got back from doing a little shopping for our special sister out there - very little, but a little - and wanted to get back to you, as promised.  I have to set a quick deadline for this one as we are leaving Saturday so I will need any gifts, letters, or $ by Friday.  I know that is fast but am confident it can happen.  My special "spy" has been doing her research and discovered that "Clare" has a kindle so I imagine a gift card to Amazon would get used for that?  Also, restaurant gift cards would be appreciated, especially to a local little town just south of Norris.  I know you are looking for specific ideas, and I will offer some of those but please feel free to expand on these ideas.  You all have such great, creative minds and the gesture is what this is most about.  Also, if you could include a little note, letter or prayer, I know she would cherish those thoughts.

While I am on the creative writing aspect, do any of you have a creative mind for poetry?  I have a poem that I snagged and I love it, but I would prefer a Sister Hug poem created by one of you, to be used with each LOVE BOMB.  Obviously it would be with the intent of having your permission to use it and I am more than eager to give you credit as the author.  Here is the one that I currently have, and love, just need one written that I know is free to use!

"As you face life's challenges
And go about your day
A sister who you do not know
is sending love your way.

And as the day turns into night
And you lay down to rest
A sister who you've never met
Is praying you'll be blessed

Not out of pity or sympathy
But out of a love that's true
An army of Sisters, side by side
With thoughts and prayers for you.

Be Encouraged."

Isn't that wonderful?  Any one willing to create one for us? 

Ok, on to specifics - pampering for her is the first name of this game so anything that is special for her would be great.  I don't know if she likes chocolates or sweets but imagine it would be a nice addition.  Magazines or books - Christian stories make a nice, safe read.  Things for the kids to do - while that may not sound like a luxury for her, think about the relaxing that can happen if the kids are busy! :)Flowers or a plant would be ok this time as this gift is not being mailed but rather dropped off.    I got her a lightweight throw as a special "hug" from the sisters.  I know most of us are sweating from this heat but a friend who was going through chemo told me that she was cold all of the time.  Even if she's not, she has a physical hug to remember our love.  Anything you can contribute would be magnificent.  You can drop it by my house, mail it to me, or leave it at school.  If you are in Lincoln, email me and I'll give you a drop off point there, too.  If none of the above work, let me know and I'll come pick it up.  Thanks so much.  More ideas will follow as my "spy" gets more thoughts my way!!

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  1. Oh, just saw this post :)

    You are welcome to use this poem if you use the graphic that goes with it - then it credits our sister who wrote it for us :)